Mesotherapy is a method of micro trauma injections/penetration to deliver vitamins, enzymes, and other essential extracts to deeper layers of the skin. ⁣

Collaborated with not only enzymes and vitamins, but also a nutrient rich pigmented/tinted BB serum into the top layer of the skin for a semi permanent foundation effect, leaving your skin visibly and immediately glowey! 

BB Glow uses this Micro Needle theraoy technique to penetrate skin coloured pigment with natural growth factors to  effectively brighten the skin and provide  anti-ageing benefits  minimialising fine lines and wrinkles , diminished pores and a  tinted glow similar to that of a tinted moisturiser . 



Our Mesotherapy skin perfector/BBglow is an over all  comfortable treatmen. 

Benefits of Meso Skin Perfector/BBglow

  • Skin  Tinting/Whitening

  • Skin brightening

  • Camoflauge blemishes 

  • Reduce uneven tones and skin discoloration

  • Promotes natural collagen reproduction

  • Reduces pore size

  • Camoflauge freckles and melasma

  • Plumps the skin 

  • Instant hydration

  • Restores radiant skin


each session takes approximatly 90 monutes. 

One treatment may last up to  2 weeks. A course treatment of 3-6 treatments will last approx 4 months. Which we then recomend 1 follow up treatment every few months to maintain results.