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The Best Plasma Fibroblast Service in Sydney

Plasma fibroblast therapy is an aesthetic procedure that’s used to tighten and also improve the overall appearance of the skin. This therapy is often offered by healthcare providers as an alternative to injections, laser, or surgical therapies.

Plasma fibroblast therapy is a revolutionary, non-invasive alternative treatment to surgery. The therapy helps in removing excess tissues responsible for unwanted wrinkles, sagging skin, diminish scarring, and stretch marks.


Plasma fibroblast therapy is a great alternative to traditional surgery and is often recommended by healthcare providers because it reduces the pain, risk, and downtime associated with traditional invasive surgery.



There are four states of matter. Plasma is the fourth state of matter while the other states are solids, liquids, and gases. Matter becomes a plasma when enough energy is supplied to split atoms into electrons.

The result is a cloud of free positively charged and negatively charged ions, molecules, and radicals. The cloud consists of charged particles known as plasma.




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What is plasma fibroblast therapy?

Plasma fibroblast therapy is a therapy that targets fibroblasts. Fibroblasts are the principal active cells in connective tissues. They are large, elongated (spindle-shaped), and flat cells that possess processes that extend out of the ends of the cell body. Fibroblasts produce tropocollagen, a ground substance and forerunner of collagen, an amorphous gel-like matrix that fills the spaces between fibres and cells in the connective tissue.

In plasma fibroblast therapy, a pen-like device is used to discharge high-frequency electric currents to small areas of the skin. During the procedure, the plasma tip doesn’t touch the skin directly, instead, it releases a targeted current just above the skin. The hot current released, in turn, creates micro-injuries (small holes) in the skin’s layer.

The heat damage or thermal disruption from the plasma fibroblast therapy breaks down proteins in the skin, stimulates fibroblast activity, encourages tissue regeneration, and causes tissue tightening (contraction).

This innovative treatment procedure can be used to not only tighten the skin but also shrink and reduce the volume of excess skin. The results from the procedure are no different from what you’d expect after surgery.


Benefits of plasma fibroblast therapy

Plasma fibroblast therapy has increased in popularity over time and it's more popular today than ever. One of the major reasons why plasma fibroblast therapy is so popular is that its a non-surgical treatment.

Asides from being a non-surgical treatment, other benefits are:

  • It is a less invasive or expensive alternative to surgery.

  • It takes lesser time to carry out the therapy compared to surgery.

  • It’s a pain-free treatment.

  • Visible natural results.

  • Minimal side effects and downtime.

Plasma fibroblast therapy can be used to treat the following conditions:

  • Acne scars

  • Seborrheic keratosis

  • Photo ageing (this includes age spots)

  • Wrinkled skin (including the neck, eyelids, above the lips, and jawline)

A cosmetic specialist can also use plasma fibroblast therapy as an alternative to lip fillers—used to make the lips look fuller.


How is the plasma fibroblast therapy carried out?

The procedure might differ slightly based on the place where the treatment is done. Despite where the therapy is being done, they are bound to follow the basic steps outlined below:

  • The target area will be cleansed, and a topical anesthetic cream will be applied to the skin. The numbing cream doesn’t take effect instantaneously, so you’ll have to wait for about 30 minutes for the numbing cream to take effect.

  • Once the numbing cream has taken effect, the treatment on the designated skin area begins using the plasma pen. The plasma pen is fitted with a metal prove (applicator tip) and it's then used to transfer energy to the skin. During the procedure, the applicator tip doesn’t meet the skin rather it's placed at approximately 0.5mm from the skin. The visible result of the treatment is the plasma spots on the skin and each spot creates an effect radius that contracts the skin in its immediate area. The dots are optimally arranged to form a grid which causes a significant and instant tightening of the targeted area.

  • A professional will apply a cooling gel and remove the numbing cream to reduce the burning and tingling sensation whenever possible.

The entire process should last for about 30 - 60 minutes.


Does plasma fibroblast therapy hurt?

The procedure doesn’t hurt but it can be a little uncomfortable if you have a very low tolerance for pain that’s why a topical anesthetic (numbing) cream is usually applied on the area to be treated to help you deal with the pain.

A slight burning sensation might be felt as the skin becomes heated, but you don’t have to worry about it because the anesthetic and cooling gel is used to make the treatment bearable or tolerable.


Which areas of the body can be treated with Plasma Fibroblast in our Sydney Clinic?

The areas of the body that can be treated using plasma fibroblast therapy include:

  • Lower and upper eyelid sagging, lines (non-surgical eye lifts), and bags.

  • Forehead and frown lines

  • Fine lines and wrinkles on the chest and neck.

  • Smokers’ lines.

  • Crow’s feet

  • Lines around the mouth

  • Neck tightening


Healing and recovery from Plasma Fibroblast

After the procedure have been done, expect to see some swelling and redness for a few days. Tiny dark brown dots will be seen in the area where the microdots were placed. Your provider will provide you with a post-treatment balm you’ll use to apply on the treated area.

You should expect the scab (tiny dark brown spots) and fall off in about a week. Over the next couple of weeks, you skin begins to heal and as it heals, your skin will appear firmer and tighter.


Sydney Plasma Fibroblast Results

Immediately after the procedure is complete, some tightening of the skin will be noticed or seen but the best results should be seen approximately 6 to 8 weeks after the procedure is done.


The results from the procedure can last anywhere between 9 to 18 months.

For optimum results, you may have to perform more than one treatment with a minimum of 6 weeks between treatments for the same area.


Who’s a great candidate for Plasma Fibroblast?

Plasma fibroblast therapy is not okay for everyone.


You shouldn’t undergo the plasma fibroblast treatment if you:

  • are breastfeeding

  • have an allergy to topical anesthetic preparations

  • are using isotretinoin for acne or wrinkles

  • are pregnant

  • have an infection at the treatment site.

Additionally, if you have a history of hypertrophic scarring or keloids, then you should approach plasma fibroblast therapy with caution.

The best candidates for plasma fibroblast therapy are people who have mild to moderate skin wrinkling concerns.


However, it’s important that because you undergo this procedure or any procedure that you talk to your healthcare provider and discuss your treatment goals as well as any potential concerns you have given your overall health condition.


How much does Plasma Fibroblast cost?

The cost of plasma fibroblast therapy isn’t fixed and that's because it depends on the person performing the procedure and the area being targeted.

If you are interested in the plasma fibroblast treatment, then you should meet with your healthcare provider and ask how many treatments you’ll need to see the results you want as well as the fee.


How to find a cosmetic provider that performs plasma fibroblast therapy in Sydney?

Since plasma fibroblast therapy is relatively new to the facial and cosmetic treatment world when compared to other treatment techniques, it doesn’t have an association of fibroblast therapy providers with a central location to search.


However, if you are looking forward to this treatment then you can undergo this therapy when you visit Reejuvenate and book an appointment with us.