Scalp Micropigmentation  involves a master technician making tiny pigment deposits in the scalp with micro-needles to achieve a realistic result that is unnoticeable to the eye. The final look is a closely shaved head of hair with a natural hairline. Or for women experiencing hair loss or hair thinning, we can help you achieve a denser looking head full of hair. You can be assured of natural looking results and an overall positive experience from the outset.

We will precisely colour match the pigment to your hair and skin tone to create a result that is seamless in appearance.

However, with time and sun exposure, the pigment can lighten; this is easily rectified with a touch-up treatment that will have your SMP looking its best again.

Following your procedure, it is essential that you take appropriate care of the treated area. We recommend using a good quality sunscreen and wearing a hat; this will ensure your SMP continues to look as originally intended.